Plants are pretty, sure we know that much, but they can really change the atmosphere within our environments. Plants can do everything from cleansing the air to bringing positive energy into the room.

If you have heard of Feng shui you know that plants can even go so far as to promote happiness. Some plants are good and others not so much. When it comes to ‘Feng Shui’-ing your home or even just your room plants are a wonderful place to begin.

Below I am going to go over some of the best plants to have in your area and what they can and will do for you. While there are tons of different plants the ones I am going to list below will be the best for promoting positive energy. Some are traditional ‘money plants’ and others are air purifying plants but all will work wonders in your life. Also please remember the larger the plant the more energy you will bring forth.

10 Plants That You Should Add to Your Home If You Want to Increase the Positive Energy and Good Luck:

1. Areca Palm

This plant removes indoor air toxins and is easy to care for. It looks interesting and has a very soft energy. I actually have on of these in my bedroom.

2. Rubber Plant



This interesting looking plant does well in dim lighting and cool temperatures so being indoors it is still able to thrive well. It works to remove toxins from the air and can remove most pollutants. It is especially effective in removing formaldehyde from the air.

3. Lucky Bamboo

This one is quite popular as well. It is known for offering good fortune and prosperity and really brings forth a lot of luck. They do not need a lot of lighting and are not necessarily hard to care for at all.

4. Golden Pothos

This plant has many names and is also referred to as the money plant from time to time. It produces positive energy and attracts luck. It reduces negative thoughts and tells us to aim for the sky.

5. Peace Lily



This strong plant brings forth exactly what its name implies. It is a very gentle white flower with a strong energy. It works to remove toxins from the air and will clear the tension in any room you place it.

6. Bamboo Palm

This interesting looking plant will also bring peace to your home. It makes any environment feel warmer and more tropical. It is quite effective in removing trichloroethylene and benzene from the air.

7. English Ivy

This plant looks great and is easy to grow. It is also very effective in removing formaldehyde from the air and makes a great addition to any tabletop. Chances are you’ve already seen this one in someone’s house at some point.

8. Orchid



The orchid is a very pretty flower. They release oxygen during the night which is beneficial if you place them inside. The way they smell is lovely and depending on the room they might be more than enough to brighten anyone’s day.

9. Aloe Vera

This plant is very beneficial to our health as it holds many different healing properties but it is so much more than that. It brings an energy like nothing else. While they can be a bit fickle they are a lovely addition to any room, they work well to fight off bad luck.

10. Rosemary

This herb is extremely useful. Many ingest it and some make tea with it. It can help work wonders in the air around you and for some, it is more than enough to improve their memory and combat insomnia. This all depends on the person but is wonderful to have around.


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