Have you ever wondered what was ruining all of your relationships? Sure, you think things are going fine, but for some reason, everything just fizzles out?

Well, to be completely honest, there are lots of reasons why this kind of thing might happen. As humans, we tend to do plenty of things that make us less attractive and turn our partners off. The more these things boil up within our new relationships the quicker the flame will die out.

I know it might sound crazy, but the list below will help outline some of the things you might be doing that are making you come off as less attractive. Most of these things you might not think twice about but you should, they affect more than you know.

10 Mistakes You Might Be Making That Make You ‘Less Attractive’:

1. You expect a significant other to bring you happiness.

Your partner might warm your heart, but he isn’t going to be able to create happiness in your life. Happiness comes from within not from a relationship. It is very unattractive when someone expects another person to literally be their ray of sunshine, it’s just too much for most people.

2. You’re a bit too independent.

Independence is great but being too independent will leave your partner wondering where he or she stands. Everyone should have their place within the relationship. You become unattractive real quick when your partner has to wonder if he or she even matters at all.

3. You get too clingy too quickly.

Becoming too clingy too quickly is a major turn off for most. It makes people assume you are a bit crazy and not someone they want to be with. Overwhelming potential partners is not the way to their hearts.

4. You find the worst reasons to cut ties.

If you are always looking for a reason to leave then the attraction between the two of you will die down quickly. When we are with someone we need to be willing to work through our problems. You shouldn’t be ready to leave over small things.

5. You are too closed off to love.

If you are too closed off your potential significant other will jump ship. He or she won’t want to feel as if no progress is being made. They want to see their efforts making a difference.

6. You’re in too much of a rush to start a family.

If you re talking about having children on the first date that person might not want to call you back. While you are pretty and fun trying to get serious too quick is a big no-no. Wait till at least five dates in before you try to start a family, please.

7. You are too self-oriented.

You think about yourself too much, you never take anyone else’s wants or needs into consideration. The more time others spend with you the less they like you. Selfish people are usually big turn-offs for most.

8. You chase people when you shouldn’t.

If you are constantly chasing people who do not want to be chased, you will earn the label crazy. This is a label that makes just about anyone unattractive. Don’t be willing to go after anyone who doesn’t want to be in your life, because you deserve someone that truly cares.

9. You whine too much.

If you whine all the time, chances are the person you are with or trying to be with won’t want to be around you. You have to know your limits. A little complaining here and there is fine, but no one likes to be around someone who never has anything positive to say.

10. You are too into drama.

If you surround yourself with drama most people aren’t going to want to even try and take on that mess. Drama is something that people these days try to avoid. Stop being so nosy and stick to your own business.

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