YouTube Is Finally Cracking Down On Dark Versions Of Children’s Shows on YouTube Kids

By November 12, 2017 Other, Rabbit Hole

While allowing young children on YouTube unsupervised is not a good idea, some parents just don’t pay close enough attention to the things they are allowing their children to watch. In more recent times on YouTube, there have been many ‘parody‘ videos popping up of common children cartoons.

YouTube has now made announcements that they will be doing their best to clamp down on these disturbing children’s videos as they pop up out of nowhere in some cases and are it seems targeted towards corrupting children. This clampdown came only after many accusations have come up in regards to the site enabled ‘infrastructural violence.’ A new policy will be in place that will show age restrictions on content that uses family entertainment characters in an inappropriate manner.

This will include videos like those of Peppa Pig being tortured at the dentist and elsewhere. You see, while YouTube already demonetized these kinds of videos it was not yet doing anything to restrict them in regards to who sees them. While I am sure the inability to make money off of them has deterred some, creators there are plenty still going strong.

Age-restricted videos cannot be seen by those who are not logged into their accounts or those who are shown to be under the age of 18 on their profiles. This will also be a big help as age-restricted videos do not pop up on the YouTube Kids app. All of this being said, the content must be flagged before it can be marked as age-restricted. We can only hope what their definition of inappropriate it will be enough.

According to YouTube anything that features adult themes or graphic violence, in general, will be flagged. YouTube’s director of policy, Juniper Downs told the Guardian that “Earlier this year, we updated our policies to make content featuring the inappropriate use of family entertainment characters ineligible for monetization. We’re in the process of implementing a new policy that age restricts this content in the YouTube main app when flagged. Age-restricted content is automatically not allowed in YouTube Kids. The YouTube team is made up of parents who are committed to improving our apps and getting things right.”

With this disturbing trend of turning children’s favorite television characters into violent sex-crazed maniacs, age restrictions are necessary. What do you think about all of this? Check out the video below to see one of the ‘least terrible’ of these creepy videos that may be popping up while your child is checking out clips of his or her favorite shows.

(Image Via: Youtube)

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