Video Claims Undeniable Scientific Evidence of A Second Shooter During Las Vegas Attack

These days we are experiencing terror on a massive scale, and you can’t help but question the truthfulness of the repetitive acts of horror happening in the United States.

People are questioning the information being fed to them, and it’s about time. Some people are even claiming that this video shows mathematical and scientific proof that the most recent attack consisted of another shooter. The most recent horrific attack on Las Vegas was a mass shooting, causing some 500 people suffering.

Police said gunman Stephen Paddock set up cameras inside a hotel suite and hallway on Tuesday. The hotel room overlooking a music festival was set up for the shooting days before the concert. Police found caches of 23 weapons in the gunman’s Las Vegas suite alongside thousands of rounds of ammunition – with ingredients used in bombs found in his home and car.

However, some people, or lots actually, are beginning to question the truthfulness of information reported by the FBI. There seem to be mounds of evidence of dishonesty in the official reports and it can all be examined independently. In a recent viral video uploaded on YouTube by a self-described scientist, explains the massive amounts of evidence of a second shooter. It’s raised over 715,000 views in just the past three days, and it’s only getting more popular. Was the FBI caught red-handed this time?

I’m no self-described scientist, so I’ll let him show you the evidence. People will do anything for fame these days, but we are sure of one thing; our government is infamous for hiding things from us. It’s time for the truth to really come out and perhaps this video is the very beginning of that. See for yourself, and let us know what you think. 

Outside sources for this article include: NBCNews, David Wolfe, and TheHealthRanger.

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