Vibrations and Frequencies Shape How Matter Becomes Life

By December 20, 2017 Science, Video

We all have our own vibration. The law of nature states that everything has a vibration. Chances are, if you know anything about atoms, you know they are always in a constant state of motion.

When it comes to understanding the world, living energy codes or quantum codes will always come up. There is a distinct difference between vibrations and frequencies. In physics, a frequency is the number of waves that pass a fixed point in unit time whereas vibrations are the oscillating, reciprocating, or other periodic motion of a rigid or elastic body or medium forced from a position or state of equilibrium.

The core of reality as we know it boils down to the way a computer would work if you really look at things as they are. A computer operates through the use of codes. While you don’t see the codes when using the computer, they are still there.

A good explanation of this (how computers work) is as follows from

The binary code works by representing content (letters, symbols, colors) in a form that computers can understand. This is done by breaking the content down into a numeric system of two digits “0” and “1”. To accomplish this, computers use electrical impulses switching OFF and ON to represent these two-digit numbers. This can be better understood by understanding how a computer chip works.

A computer chip is made of millions of transistors that act as switches much like a light bulb in your home. If you want light you move the switch to “ON” to allow electricity to flow through the light bulb thus giving you light, but if you switch back to “OFF” the light goes away because the electrical signal is interrupted. The switching behavior from a computer chip is similar in the sense that it can only understand two results, “ON” and “OFF”. These results correspond well with the two digits numeric system of “1” and “0” best described as binary (“1” representing “ON” and “0” representing “OFF”).

Every command that we give to computers is interpreted in binary language (“0s” and “1s”), and everything that computers display back to us is displayed in a way that we can comprehend. For example, the binary numbers for the letters “A”, “B”, and “C” are as follow 01000001 = A; 01000010 = B; and 01000011 = C.

This can and does relate to the theory that we may be living in a holographic universe. These codes are what create our physical reality and what we see is not exactly what is being represented. Many physicists believe this theory and some claim to have found actual codes in many different things.

This is an excerpt from Theoretical physicist, Dr. James Gates Jr’s book Staradigm:

When we paint a picture or model a three-dimensional object using computer software, all the instructions are processed by the CPU and its counterparts before they are projected onto the screen. This process happens almost instantaneously, and it shows that instructions are processed by the CPU before they are used to create the computer generated object. In a sense, our picture or three-dimensional model is nothing more than a perception of the CPU.

If we look at the computer from the outside, our artwork looks solid. If we take apart the outside layers of the computer and watch in slow motion how its hardware works beyond the microscopic level, we will see that it is made of vast streams of electrical currents. Electrical currents are another form of energy.

At this level, our artwork will look like flashes of electrical currents. This analogy of how a computer works is similar to how our minds and consciousness create our illusionary external reality. …

If we can go beyond time and space and look down at our third-dimensional reality, we will see that our reality is also made of flashes of electrical signals or light. In other words, this is the state of our reality before it is processed by our consciousness. The reason why we perceive things as solid is because our bodies and consciousness encode the energy patterns around us as solid. It is at this moment that we are tricked into believing that our reality is made of solid materials.

Many believe you may even be able to use these codes to do things you want. This could be a possible way to create things. The videos below might be able to help bring that into perspective. IT is known as Partiki phasing and is said to be what creates the energy patterns our consciousness processes.

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