This Is Why We Hate Everyone Even More As We Age, And Why That’s Actually Okay

By November 12, 2017 Other, Rabbit Hole

Have you ever noticed how much more you hate being around people as you age? Sure, some people are just fine but it is as if your tolerance for dealing with bullshit has been diminishing for a while, right?

I know mine has. I used to have many friends and was always on the lookout for new ones, but here lately I have cut my circle down to almost nothing. I have a few close friends and don’t really care to make new ones. Sure, some people will say this is because I am becoming bitter or because I choose the wrong friends to have but that really isn’t it. I just can’t stand people anymore.

As you get older you stop doing all of the self-destructive and embarrassing things you didn’t mind when you were younger. You begin to change as a person. You stop allowing yourself to fall into those toxic traps and get rid of friendships that do not serve who you are as a person now. Then, on top of all of this, it is harder to even make friends when we are older.

You may have heard someone at some point in your life say something along the lines of ‘the older you get the wiser you get’ well, that is true. The older you get the more people have let you down. The more you begin to realize who really belongs in your life and who has no place there. You stop meeting fun people because you aren’t really doing the same things you used to do. You meet a lot of boring people and they don’t make a lasting mark on your life.

When we grow older we also realize how fake most of the people we know or come across truly are. We notice people sugarcoating things that don’t really need sugarcoating and it makes us resent them. Sure, hate is a strong word but I feel it fits this article better than any other would. As we age our tolerance for those who tell us what to do and try to judge who we are flies out the window and we stop putting up with them.


The older we get, the less we trust shitty people and the more we choose to put ourselves before those who don’t matter in our lives. When we begin growing as a person we also begin focusing on ourselves as we should. We stop doing the things others want us to do and begin doing the things we want to do.

I guess what I am trying to say is that experience changes us. It makes us a little more hateful but with good reason. It helps us to see through those who are doing nothing but seeing through us. There is nothing wrong with hating other people as long as you do it in the right way and don’t let that hate consume you. I hate people and I wouldn’t have things any other way.


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