This Artist Illustrated Your Deepest, Darkest Fears As Monsters, And The Results Are Mindblowing

By November 2, 2017 Featured, Other, Rabbit Hole

We all have our own fears. Fear is a natural human emotion, and we cannot escape them all, no matter how brave we are! Some of us may have more fears than others, or maybe we don’t have many at all.

Whether you think of yourself as a scaredy cat or a brave soldier, you can’t deny that you have at least a few things you’re afraid of. Whether it be the dark, spiders, or being abandoned, we all have our unavoidable fears. Sometimes our fears lie in a much deeper, darker realm of our human minds. Only certain triggers will be able to arise these subconscious fears, but they are surely there. Is yours arachnophobia? Perhaps it is trypophobia?

Artist and owner of Any Means Necessary Clothing, Shawn Coss created some very interesting art to depict our biggest and darkest fears! So far, he has illustrated 31 different phobias! See them below!

1. Verbophobia – The Fear Of Words

2. Bogyphobia – The Fear Of Bogeys Or The Bogeyman

3. Ophidiophobia – The Fear Of Snakes

4. Blennophobia – A Fear Of Slime, Mucus


5. Hylophobia – The Fear Of Forests

6. Emetophobia – The Fear Of Vomiting

7. Somniphobia – The Fear Of Sleep

8. Pyrophobia – The Fear Of Fire

9. Apotemnophobia – The Fear Of People With Amputations

10. Pediophobia – The Fear Of Dolls

11. Thalassophobia – The Fear Of The Sea Or Of Sea Travel

12. Epistemophobia – The Fear Of Knowledge

13. Necrophobia – The Fear Of Corpses, Death Or Dead Things

14. Trypophobia – The Fear Or Disgust Of Closely-Packed Holes

15. Kenophobia – A Fear Of Open Or Empty Spaces, Voids

16. Eisoptrophobia – The Fear Of Mirrors And Reflections

17. Automatophobia – The Fear Of Things That False Represent A Sentient Being, Including Ventriloquist Dummies, Animatronic Creatures, Mannequins, And Wax Statues

18. Ecclesiophobia – The Fear Of Churches

19. Cherophobia – The Fear Of Happiness

20. Coulrophobia – The Fear Of Clowns

21. Scopophobia – The Fear Of Being Watched Or Stared At

22. Taphophobia – The Fear Of Being Buried Alive

23. Philophobia – The Fear Of Falling In Love

24. Agoraphobia – The Fear Of Open Spaces And Crowds

25. Nyctophobia – The Fear Of The Dark

26. Tocophobia – The Fear Of Giving Birth

27. Chronophobia – The Fear Of Time

28. Arachnophobia – The Fear Of Spiders

29. Trypanophobia – The Fear Of Needles

30. Athazagoraphobia – The Fear Of Being Forgotten Or Ignored And Fear Of Forgetting

31. Claustrophobia – The Fear Of Being Enclosed In A Small Space Or Room And Unable To Escape

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