The Vatican Has Paid Nearly $4 Billion in Child Sex Abuse Law Suits

By August 7, 2016 Rabbit Hole

My question to you all is, can you put a price on the innocence of a child? Apparently the Vatican can and it comes towards the tune of $3 Billion.

In 2014 the United Conference of Catholic Bishops released their eleventh annual report of the progress of implementing the Charter of the Protection of Children and Young People as part of the effort to increase transparency with regards to sexual abuse. The Audit was carried out by StoneBridge Business Partners, which collected data from 127 dioceses/eparchies between July 1,2012 and June 30, 2013.

Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz, USCCB president, wrote:

The healing of victims/survivors of abuse remains our first priority. We join Pope Francis in his desire that the response of the Church be pastoral and immediate. This year’s report reflects our pledge to address the sexual abuse of minors through comprehensive efforts to reach out to victims with care and compassion, a commitment to report all abuse to the authorities, accountability for those who have committed acts of abuse, and strong efforts in education and prevention.

This report is part of a pledge we have made to remain accountable and vigilant. Behind the data contained in the report are men and women, adults and children, in need of our prayers and support. As we continue to create a climate of safety for all minors entrusted to the Church’s pastoral care, our three-fold pledge guides us: to help victims heal; to educate about and prevent abuse; and to hold accountable those who have harmed children. These remain essential priorities for our Church.

936 Allegations of Sexual Abuse Were Made in 2013, 857 people came forward in 191 Catholic dioceses and eparchies to make 936 allegations of sexual abuse.

According to research done by Jack and Diane Ruhl of The National Catholic Reporter, since 1950, the Vatican has paid out a mind-numbing $3,994,797,060.10! That Is nearly 4 Billion, and this is only a conservative figure because there is no telling how much was agreed upon “under the table.”

Patheos Insider summarized the disturbing findings:

That figure is based on a three-month investigation of data, including a review of more than 7,800 articles gleaned from LexisNexis Academic and NCR databases, as well as information from and from reports from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Up until now, “nearly $3 billion” has been the most widely cited figure by media, academics, and activists for the cost to the U.S. church for clergy sex abuse and its cover-up. NCR research shows that figure is too low, probably by as much as a billion dollars — and perhaps much more.…

As a way of illustrating the magnitude of the costs to the U.S. church, if that amount were divided evenly among the nation’s 197 dioceses, each would receive nearly $20 million.

Pope Francis addressed hundreds of bishops concerning the abuse and how to deal with it, “I realize how much the pain of recent years has weighed upon you, and I have supported your generous commitment to bring healing to victims — in the knowledge that in healing we too are healed — and to work to ensure that such crimes will never be repeated.”

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