The Sun Could Be Causing Our Demise Sooner Than Previously Thought

By January 5, 2018 Other, Science

Sure, when we think of the end of the world we all have our own ideas as to what might ultimately lead to our demise, but what really will cause the end of the world? While there are endless scenarios who has the right idea?

Well at the moment we don’t really know and of course, there is no real way to know until that time comes. However, regardless of what happens from now until the end of our planet one thing is for sure; someday if we make it to that day the Sun itself will die out and end everything we know as ‘life.’ When the Sun dies out it will destroy us all. This is a process that will be devastating. According to Jillian Scudder, an astrophysicist at the University of Sussex the day the sun dies might be a lot sooner than we would like to think.

You see, the Sun is able to survive because it burns hydrogen atoms into helium atoms in its core. As the Sun’s core becomes saturated with this helium it shrinks, this causes nuclear fusion reactions to speed up and then the Sun begins to spit out more energy. Eventually, the Sun will run out of hydrogen, but long before that happens the Sun’s high energy light will bombard our atmosphere and as Scudder told Business Insider “split apart the molecules and allow the water to escape as hydrogen and oxygen eventually bleeding Earth dry of water.”

Our planet that was once full of life would become dry, hot, and more like Venus than you think. So yes, about four or five billion years from now the Sun will burn out and will from there spend about one billion years expanding and burning helium in its core with a shell around it. At this point, Earth either escapes the expanding Sun or is consumed by it.

Scudder also told Business Insider as follows:

“In either case, our planet will be pretty close to the surface of the red giant, which is not good for life.”

What do you think will cause the end of the world? To see a video on the death of the Sun please continue on, this video was created by Business Insider’s video team and has me in awe. I for one am glad I will be gone long before anything like this happens.

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