The Secret Alter-Ego to Your Zodiac Sign You Often Overlook

By November 12, 2017 Astrology, Spirituality

While for the most part, we overlook our alter-egos, but they really aren’t as hard to spot as we pretend they are. There are aspects of our personalities that for some of us only come out once in a blue moon but these aspects are still very important.

If you have been curious about your alter-ego look for your sign below. Mine was spot on and really put things into perspective. Just because we don’t acknowledge specific parts of ourselves as often doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

Aries (The Couch Potato)

While most Aries are hardworking and very driven when you get to the root of things all they really want to do is sit at home and watch television. The Aries is impatient and moody, they want nothing more than to truly relax as much as they can. While most will not admit this or ever let you see this side of themselves it is a side that does exist.

Taurus (The Clutter Bug)

While most Taurus seems to have everything together there is a lot more than what you get to see. Every Taurus I have seen has been quite cluttered in their lives. They have a place for everything but allow themselves to get so overworked from time to time that nothing is ever in its place.

Gemini (The Antsy Angel)

Most Gemini’s are very put together at least for the most part and while they are quite social they tend to be very worrisome and anxious. Just because they can hold a proper conversation doesn’t mean they aren’t nervous about even saying hello in the first place.

Cancer (The Overbearing Friend)

Cancer’s love far too deeply and in some situations, it can become an issue. While the Cancer may not intend to be a bit manipulating he or she usually is. With that being said, they are only overbearing with all of the best intentions.

Leo (The Lion of Boredom)

Sure, the Leo is very ego-driven and can get a lot done, but to be honest, he or she spends most of their time bored. Nothing really gets the Leo excited and there isn’t much that can be done about that. However, they also have a ton of great qualities if you can get them out of the boredom zone they will want you to stick around indefinitely.

Virgo (The Criticizer)

Virgos are far too hard on others. They spend a lot of time trying to ensure everything is perfect and because of that, they hurt the feelings of just about everyone around them. This is something a lot of them refuse to acknowledge but it is all the more true for every Virgo I have been around.

Libra (The Grudge Holder)

Libra’s hold grudges for far longer than any other sign. They do not forgive easily and even if what you do is small they will not forget about it. However, they can be holding a grudge against you that you are not even aware of until the time to get even comes.

Scorpio (The Aggressor)

Scorpio’s are far more aggressive than they will ever let on. They become jealous far too easily, and it can be a huge issue. Since they also struggle with trust depending on the Scorpio aggression could be a HUGE problem.

Sagittarius (No Filter Nancy)

The Sagittarius is going to say or do whatever they want. If you don’t like what they are saying it isn’t going to stop them from getting their point across. Filtering themselves is giving up a part of their freedom and they will NOT do that.

Capricorn (The Overthinker)

The Capricorn is always waiting for the worst possible thing to happen. They overthink far more than they let on and it can be a problem. While they are often very smart this is something they cannot seem to control.

Aquarius (Overly Emotional Emily)

The Aquarius will not let on as to how emotional he or she truly is. If a situation occurs that involves lots of emotions he or she will flee. They do not do well with allowing others to see this side of themselves.

Pisces (The Victim)

Sadly the Pisces is a victim more often than not in this world. I believe it is because of how conflicting some of their traits are. They are afraid of a lot of things and can be quite naive.

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