The FBI Just Released 1,500 Documents Regarding the Sandy Hook Shooting, And We Are In Awe

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Roughly 1,500 pages of heavily edited (yes, some are even blank) FBI documents seem to show that back in 2008 a man told police he heard Lanza talking about how he planned on killing students at Sandy Hook as well as his mother. Yes, the police in Newtown Connecticut were told about Adam Lanza years before his killing spree actually occurred. The NY Times reported that when the man went to the police with what information, they told him that because Lanza’s mother owned the guns, there was nothing they could do about it.

Lanza’s own mother was confronted by the FBI or CIA around this time (years before the shooting) about him hacking into a government computer. Somehow she was able to assure them he had only done so to challenge himself and they said the following: “If he was that smart he could have a job with them one day.” While this happened years before, it still shows that his presence was known.

The trove of FBI files also suggests another alarming secret. Lanza had seemingly pedophilic views towards children. According to the Associated Press, one document going over things Lanza had spoken about online mentioned that he thought sexual relationships between children and adults could be ‘beneficial to both parties,’ and that he felt pity for children who were ‘brainwashed’ by adults. It seems Lanza was quite obsessed with mass shootings and killings in general.

One FBI document, in particular, actually went over how Lanza was working on a spreadsheet that documented the details of hundreds of killing sprees as well as mass murders. These documents were released because of the Freedom of Information Act requests that followed the incident, and seem to shed a lot of light on the reasons behind this terrible massacre. It seems very apparent in these files that Lanza may have believed he was helping those children by killing them as he was ‘saving them’ from ‘harmful influences.’

There seem to be tons of tiny important details that we did not know about until now. You can take a look at these files yourself by clicking here. Sure, we knew he was interested in mass shootings and that he was quite introverted but what about everything else? The more you dig into these files, the more you find.

The killing spree Lanza carried out back in 2012 is something that America will never forget. My heart goes out to all of those families even now. While it has been some time, there will never be enough time.

(Image Via: Reuters/AP)

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