The 9 Aspects of the Human Soul, According to Ancient Egyptians

By December 20, 2017 History

The human soul is vast, expansive, and multi-dimensional! We possess something far more incredible than we ever imagined and the ancient Egyptians have been telling us this for thousands of years.

For the thousands and thousands of years human life has existed we have all tried to explain and better understand one thing: the human soul and consciousness. We possess such power, individuality, potential, and creativity to just be another animal on Earth. We’re simply not! Many different people from history, ancient civilizations, and past worlds have all had different ideas as to what the human soul is and is capable of. Who put us here and how did we get here? Who are they and how did they begin existing? There are many different theories for what we truly possess within us. The ancient Egyptians seemed to be the closest to achieving peak spirituality and enlightenment, in my personal opinion. However, they do have an amazing theory of the human soul.

The ancient Egyptians believed that their soul was made up of many different parts. The soul consisted of not only the physical realm we live every day, but eight different immortal or semi-divine parts that survived death. You can see them below.

1. The Khat

The Khat is the physical form of humans. It lives, it breathes, and it decays after death. It is the mortal outward part of human only preserved by mummification, according to Egyptian historians.

2. The Ka

Ka is the double that lingers in the tomb inhabiting the body. It can even be statues of the deceased. It was once an independent man that could move and eat and had free will. Now they linger as the guardian angel type of soul living on earth.

3. Ba

The Ba is the human-headed bird you see in many ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, writings, and drawings. It brings food of life to the dead and travels with Ra.

4. Khaibit

Khaibit is the shadow of a man. It is able to detach itself from the body and travel among the astral realm whenever it pleases. It roams free of the physical body but always stays near.

5. Akhu

Akhu is the immortal and divine part of the human soul. It has a radiant and glamorous light that shines beyond the dimensions of the universe. It transfigured death and ascended to the heavens to live among the gods and angels of the universe.

6. Sahu

Sahu is the spiritual body of a man. It manifests itself as the mental and spiritual abilities in the living body. Sahu dwells in heaven with the Gods and it appears from the physical body during judgment.

7. Ab

This is the source of good and evil from the human. It is the awareness and center of thought that can leave the body at free will. After death, Ab will also reside with the Gods.

8. Ren

Ren is the vital part of a man that stays with him throughout life and afterlife. It is the magical part that could destroy a man if his name was obliterated. He had ceremonies in Egypt that were secret and a child that lives with a nickname to protect himself.

9. JB

The Jb is also referred to as the heart. It is believed to form during a bond where the child takes a drop of the mothers blood straight from the heart at conception. In many different ancient writings it is also known as the key to the afterlife.

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