New Moon In Scorpio on November 18th Will Reveal Our Deepest Mysteries

As the 18th of November is making its way here, so is the New Moon that comes with it. For those who do not know this New Moon will be in Scorpio and with that some very conflicting energies will be arising.

It will be at 26 degrees Scorpio to be exact and will be almost exactly opposite minor planet Sedna. We currently do not know much about Sedna as it was only discovered back in 2003. Astrologically its meaning is a mystery to us all.


This New Moon to come is going to be bringing about a powerful shift that will in a sense connect us in a good way to our darker side. With Scorpio energy comes a lot of aggression whether we would like to admit it or not. It will bring about a lot of commitment to personal goals and a time in which we can focus on the more constructive parts of our beings.

During this New Moon, chances are you will find yourself at peace. Thanks to this New Moon we will be able to align ourselves with the mysteries that are hidden within each and every one of us. Whether we want to or not a lot of looking within is to come. If done correctly this will bring about a new understanding of who you truly are, who we all truly are.

If you have been overreacting to things lately or stressing far too much you will very much enjoy the energies to come. These energies will allow you to take a look at your personal triggers and prevent painful reactions. That being said, this is not something that is going to be resolved overnight. The energy from this New Moon will be affecting us all for weeks to come.

If something is no longer serving you, get rid of it. Use this Scorpio energy, to be honest with yourself in a way you may have never been before. Allow yourself to become in-tune with your dark side and overcome as many demons as you can. Use this energy to your advantage and do not hold anything back. Your daily life may change but it is going to be a change for the better.

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