Science Says Surrounding Yourself With Negative People Could Actually Kill You

By December 1, 2017 Science

We all have that one friend who even on the most wonderful day can find something to complain about, right? Some of us might even have several of those friends.

Well, as it turns out these kinds of overly negative friends are damning you to a worse extent than you thought. They are literally making your life shorter. No, I am not joking, these kinds of friends are literally making your life shorter. Studies show the negativity these people have is far more toxic than we thought. Being around negative people can lead to a host of health issues. Everything from HBP to Strokes. Avoiding them at all costs is something we should all be doing.

They can induce all of the following and so much more:

High Blood Pressure

Increased blood pressure is not good for anyone. This is also known as hypertension and can lead to some awful conditions. There is nothing fun about having this condition.


The more you let these people get to you the more stressed out you will be. Getting worked up is only going to get your blood boiling and result in something awful. These people can and will literally ruin your day.


Has someone ever said something to you that made you anxious or does the idea of being around someone specific make you anxious? This is not a good feeling and I personally cannot stand it. I would rather get rid of this person than deal with feeling anxious all the time.


When negative people complain it is like they don’t know how to stop. They will talk and talk and talk until you have to get a few Tylenol just to finish the conversation. A frustration induced headache can be one of the worst headaches possible.

Impaired immune system

This happens because of the episodes of anger that dealing with these people can induce. You are all worked up and possibly yelling and your immune system is suffering because of it. I believe this would be well past time to have said person hitting the high road.


People who are always complaining can make us quite angry depending on what it is they are going on about. I for one cannot stand to hear the same thing eight hundred times and counting. When I get worked up my anger is more like rage.


Chronic complainers and overly negative people are stressful. They are stressful to be around and stressful in general. You shouldn’t have to want to avoid someone for sake of your sanity.

All of these things can lead to things like strokes and heart attacks, according to cardiologist Dr. Cynthia Thaik. There has actually been a lot of research on negativity and how it affects our lives. A study from the journal Circulation back in 2009 actually looked at data from right at 100,000 women and found that the most cynical participants were more likely to have heart disease themselves when compared to the least cynical people. This meaning not only are they killing us but they are killing themselves as well on some level. This is especially alarming because the more time you spend with negative people the more you become like them.

John Stanley Hunter on Business Insider actually said as follows:

“Neuroscientists have claimed that having people in our lives, who only spread negativity, does physically damage our bodies. What does this actually mean for you? Your heart will beat faster, but not in a good way. Before you know it, you’ll die of a heart attack, killed by that person who just couldn’t resist telling you about how bad his life is. Okay, that’s a bit too harsh. Or is it?”

“Psychologist Elaine Hatfield has done the research. She has found out that we start to imitate facial expressions; posture and even tone of voice of those we spend a lot of time with. Most importantly, we adopt their mental state as well. Since we’re empathetic people, we feel them. If they’re in a bad mood, so will we be.”

“Now, I’m not saying you should become an egoistic person, and abandon your friends in need. But you should definitely take care of yourself. Look at it this way. How can you look after your friends, if you yourself feel down?”

Oh and to make this all a little worse negative people were also found to be more likely to be involved in car accidents. This meaning if you are riding around in a vehicle with a negative driver you are more likely to be hurt in a car accident. These things really just keep piling up don’t they?

Now, when it comes to making sure you keep your health in check around those negative Nancies you just cannot avoid there are a few things you need to remember. Don’t engage with them everytime they make you a bit irritated, it is not worth it. Try not to let them get you worked up.

Set proper boundaries with these kinds of people and don’t let them cross these boundaries. Walk away from anything that seems too overwhelming and prevents situations from escalating. If you can cut this negative person out of your life do it. Sure, they may not be literally murdering you but they could be pushing you into an early grave. As I mentioned above being surrounded by negative people can cause a lot of stress, to learn what that stress is doing to your body check out the video below.

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