Research Shows Intelligent People Are More Likely to Fail Their Driving Test

By November 10, 2017 Other, Rabbit Hole, Science

While everyone is generally excited about passing their driver’s license test, some have to give it a few tries before passing. Those who manage to pass on the first try tend to like to brag about it but as it turns out, they may not be as smart as they think they are.

According to research coming from Privilege DriveXpert, those who have higher academic abilities are less likely to pass their driver’s license test the first try. After surveying 1,564 people with British driving licenses they determined brainer people were more likely to over analyze things.

Basically meaning that they were thinking the test through too much and it ultimately threw them off. It seems that it took an average of 1.7 attempts to gain the full driver’s license with only 50 percent of learner drivers without qualifications passing their first time.

22 percent of business owners actually had to take their test at least 4 or more times. A split was detected between those with an A-level in arts and science as it seems to have taken them an average of 1.9 tries for art and 2.3 for science. That all meaning if you failed your driving test the first time you are not alone and it definitely doesn’t make you less smart.

The report goes as follows:

Failing a driving test first time can feel like a major set-back for a new driver.

But our research has shown a link between qualifications and professional position held and the number of times it takes a person to pass their practical driving test.

Those with no qualifications are more likely to pass first time.

For tips on how to pass your driving test check out the video below. Did you pass your driving test the first try?

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