Religion Will Be Outnumbered By Atheism By 2038

By October 28, 2017 U.S. News

Throughout all of mankind’s history, we see records of some sort of higher power being worshiped. Religion has been a major component of humanity for all of existence, but new research suggests that atheism is going to overtake religion in the future.

Religion has ruled the world and caused wars since the beginning of time. In America, Christianity is referred to in a variety of different ways throughout just one day. Religion has always been a major part of being a human but new research suggests that religion is slowly decreasing over time. A growing amount of people are beginning to turn their back on the higher power, and instead are investing in their true selves and their higher consciousness. More people now than ever are meditating and practicing mindfulness, and that’s likely a result from the global shift of consciousness. Alongside that, more people are giving up on religion.

Studies show that atheism will defeat religion by the year 2038. Although there are mounds of evidence to support an atheist, religious scholars claim the atheist minority groups are not powerful enough to be overtaken by 2038.

Research has also shown that countries with split religious beliefs like Canada and France rank high on morality, social trust, economic equality, and have lower crime rates than countries with lots of religious people.

There are many different arguments to be made as to why people are becoming less spiritual, some people believe it to be because both women and men are in the workforce and not raising children at all to pass their religious beliefs onto. Some people might even believe in God but are not exactly religious. Either way, we’re not exactly sure why, but atheists are on their way to outnumbering Christians.

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