Overeating Actually Doesn’t Have As Much to Do With Food As Previously Thought

By October 26, 2017 Other, Video

It is quite obvious that some of us eat a bit too much. Whether we are obese or not, chances are we aren’t looking after our bodies as we should be.

Most of us don’t want to eat too much, it is just hard not to. We eat so much because we are craving something. Food is always there. It is something to turn to when we need satisfaction, even if it is just short-term satisfaction.

Sure, some diets do help, but when we change our mindset and get to the root of things overeating becomes unnecessary, to say the least. I recently came across a video that truly made me think. In case you don’t quite have time to watch the whole video, I will quote my favorite parts from it below. It truly is ‘food for thought.’ That being said, if you do have the time it is well worth watching.

“We know that when reaching for a tube of potato chips or biting into yet another burrito that the problem doesn’t lie there. We just don’t know where else to turn and there is, at least, a short-term satisfaction to be found.

We eat too much because we hate ourselves too intensely to have the necessary respect for our own bodies. Our tragedy isn’t our unconstrained appetite. But rather, the difficulty we have in getting access to the emotional and psychological things that would nourish our broken souls.

The diet industry has latched onto the symptoms of our unhappiness, not their causes – and therefore the solutions it offers can only ever be temporary and fragile. It can’t make us lastingly thin because it is not engaging with what made us manically fat.

A couple of hundred years ago it was almost impossible for most people to find anything very pleasant to eat. Since then, a vast quantity of human ingenuity has been devoted to enticing the palate. We have succeeded beyond our wildest expectations. But in so many other areas, we have hardly begun to supply ourselves reliably with what we long to consume, which are, to put it plainly: understanding, tenderness, forgiveness, reconciliation, and closeness. We eat too much not because we are (as we brutally accuse ourselves) greedy, but because we live in a world where the shelves are still bare of the real ingredients we crave.”

What do you think about this? Could obesity truly not have as much to do with food as we assume it does? I, for one, will be looking at things from a much different view from here on out. I hope that you will do the same. Yes, some foods can be addictive and we do have a choice but we are merely finding ways to cope with things through eating too much.

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