How To Tell If Someone In Your Life Is Inherently Evil

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While we like to look for the best in all people, sometimes there is no ‘best.’ Sometimes there is no good to be found.

There are people in this world who can do unthinkable things and feel no remorse for them. That is a reality that at some point we all must face. Have you ever come across someone who was so evil they made you feel as if your very world had been shaken to the core?

I came across a Reddit thread earlier that got me to thinking about this sort of thing. I looked through as many responses as I could without making myself sick of humanity and decided that it was worth sharing with all of you. The following entries are things Redditors from all over shared on this thread and at the very least they will make you think.

The Reddit thread was titled “Have you ever met someone inherently evil?” and has about 500 responses thus far. Have you ever met someone who was inherently evil and how close were they to you in your life? I believe after reading this you will all be a bit more picky about who you allow in your inner circle.

“My mother, the first memory I have of her is her telling me that I was supposed to be aborted and the only thing that saved me was god. She physically and emotionally abused me and my siblings. She would constantly tell me and my sisters that no man would ever love any of us and the only thing we were good for was our bodies. She started telling us that as soon as we could talk.

She made our father stop hugging us around 5 years old because she thought if he got too close he would rape us, which she constantly accused him of all throughout our lives. She actually made me stop taking showers after sundown at the age of 10 because she said it made her feel like I just got finished having sex with my father. She would beat us over the slightest, tiniest of things. I didn’t make my bed before school? She got a wooden cutting board took it to the butt, back, and legs.

My little sister (around 5 at the time) say something my mother thought a 5 year old shouldn’t say? Metal serving spoon to the mouth. All of my sisters and I didn’t have the house cleaned to her liking? She would break whatever she could grasp on us. The thing sticks with me the most is the fact she thought her actions out.

She didn’t just beat us out of anger. She did it as a calculated, hidden, stress relieving action. She would beat us in places that our teachers would never see, threaten us to make us never tell, convince us we deserved it, and laugh while doing it.

She literally cackled with every landed hit. She manipulated every person she met to make them believe that she was a saint. She would tell other people how proud of us she was and how “God had blessed” her with 4 beautiful girls and proceed to gush about what a damn near perfect family she had. She has always plotted for as long as I can remember to get my dad’s retirement. She always told us she didn’t love him and she was just there because God was going to pay her in the end.

There is so much she has done. There is so much pain and torment she has caused. She still isn’t sorry for anything. I’ve had to hide where I live from her now. My dad is trying to divorce her now from all the bullshit she put him through on his end and what he is just now finding out what she has done to us. We live in Texas and he didn’t sign a prenuptial agreement, so far it looks like she’s getting at least half of his retirement and the house. It makes me sick to know someone so evil is getting everything they’ve plotted for.

I’ve tried to kill myself 3 times to get away from her and she’s getting everything she’s ever wanted. My sisters have physical ailments from her abuse now and my mother is getting her “brand new life” she’s always bragged she was going to get. I’m sorry this was long and is probably going to get buried, but I’ve been holding this in for the better part of 20 years.” – ordinaryintrovert


“Multiple times, doing interrogations in Iraq. Lots of long conversations with some of the most purely evil men on Earth.

I had one guy who raped and murdered a 5-year-old boy because his father was cooperating with us. Didn’t just murder him; baked him alive and delivered him to his dad’s house on a giant food dish (like you’d see a goat or pig on). One of the only times I wish I could have tortured someone.” –Bdhizzy


“Today I saw a man pretend like he was buying a coffee for a homeless man, only to pour said scalding-hot coffee over the guy’s head. He laughed and walked away. It might not have been murder, but I got a pretty evil vibe.” –xiaorobear


“I had a friend that I only hung out with a few times. The last time I talked to him was a few years ago. We had just finished playing football and were walking to McDonald’s. We were going through a really long alley and we saw an injured bird laying by one of the buildings.

It was laying there, and its wings were twitching. This kid runs up to it and stomps it as hard as he could. He was actually laughing about it. Everyone was really freaked out by him at that point, and none of us ever talked to him again. The strange thing was that he didn’t act weird at all other than that.” –slimd1995


“I met a contract killer (i.e. a hitman) for the mob once. He’d been arrested for murder (number 6) and was trying to claim insanity. My job was to assess his mental state. He was completely sane and of course indicated that should he end up in jail, he’d arrange for my dissection via chainsaw at the hands of some friends. He was accused of killing 3 men, 2 women, and 1 child. He’d led a normal relatively happy childhood. There was no history of abuse. There was no mental illness. He was simply evil.

He rots in jail as we speak and 5 years later….still no chainsaw dissection in sight.” – Taqwacore

To read over the rest of the entries yourself click here. Things like this make me feel bad for mankind. We are headed down a road that is lacking any light. That being said, I am glad I have never met anyone who would measure up to the people described above.

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