Could This Actually Explain the Mystery Behind the Bermuda Triangle? Scientists Believe So!

The Bermuda Triangle has been a mystery for quite some time, but all of that may be changing. The unexplained circumstances in which hundreds of ships, as well as aircrafts, have been going missing overtime may not be as unexplained as we thought.

The truth behind this strange 500,000km stretch could be doing all of this because of the clouds. Yes, you read that right! Apparently, the hexagonal clouds in this location create 170mph winds and air bombs. Blasts from these intense air bombs can easily flip ships and bring planes down.

Credit: Science Channel


On Science Channel’s ‘What on Earth?‘ Dr. Steve Miller a meteorologist at Colorado State University says:

“You Don’t typically see straight edges with clouds. Most of the time, clouds are random in their distribution.”

Credit: Science Channel


By using something known as radar satellites researchers were able to measure just what was happening under the clouds in this area. These air bombs are formed by what is known as microbursts, and when they come down to hit the ocean they create waves that are sometimes quite massive in size. These scientists believe that these weather phenomenon could be the mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle, but of course, no one knows for sure at this time. There have been at the very least around one thousand lives lost to this Triangle of weird situations over the past 100 years and personally, I believe while this could be contributing there has to be more to it.

Check out the segment from the Science Channel on this subject below and let us know what you think. Could this be the answer we have been looking for or are you not so easily convinced? Could this strange and mysterious location really be explained so easily?


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