Are You Awakening? New Ascension Symptoms Include Memory Loss, And Strange Pains

By November 14, 2017 Other, Spirituality

As we rise to a higher level we are, of course, going to experience some symptoms. While most people associate higher consciousness or becoming more connected with the Universe as something that feels amazing there are ‘negative’ aspects as well.

During ascension our bodies must adjust and with that comes some quite uncomfortable symptoms. The more you are aware of the process the more you can help yourself through it. We are all unique so the process will be different for everyone. Different areas of your brain will be coming into play as your mind is working to cope with the coming of energies.

Physical ailments and things of this nature are the soul’s way of communicating with us through our bodies so everything that is happening is happening for a reason. You are being sent a message. If you are not feeling well at the moment then it is likely because of a shift in frequency that your body is picking up on. As your consciousness expands you can and should expect the following symptoms to occur from time to time.

Negative Ascension Symptoms/Signs:

  • Aches and pains (this is going to be more-so in the upper back as you ‘sprout your wings’ and remove energetic blocks)
  • Feeling overly emotional (becoming more empathetic with the world)
  • Night Sweats
  • Heightened sensitivity
  • Feeling stressed
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Memory loss
  • Yearning to go home (longing to return to the Source)

When you are experiencing ascension you will most likely be exhausted. Now, while the symptoms I mentioned above are ‘negative’ there are also positive ascension symptoms as well. For instance, if you didn’t like to spend much time outside as you become more conscious you will want to spend more time in nature and something within you will change for the better. You will begin experiencing rushes of intense energy and meditation will hold a much deeper meaning for you.

“We are not trapped by our thoughts. What we generally do, however, is create thoughts that trap us.” (p.162)”
― Joshua David Stone, A Beginner’s Guide to the Path of Ascension (The Ascension Series)

Please, do not be afraid to work towards ascension because of these symptoms. If you prepare yourself they will not be an issue. You can ascend to higher consciousness if you truly want to.

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