Are You A True Wolf Among Sheep? Watch for These 13 Signs!

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Once known as a land of freedom, discovery, adventure and industriousness, the American population has since been changed, retrained at the hands of the government, mainstream media and those who hold power within our fine country. Generation after generation they have indoctrinated us through media propaganda alongside education and cultural institutions, grooming us to fit as players in their game.

As Bill Frezza wrote in an article for Forbes: The progressive package deal we’ve been sold is unravelling, both her and around the world. The safety, security, and prosperity promised in exchange for surrendering our liberty, self-reliance, and independence have proven illusory. Stagnation, dependency, and decline lay ahead unless we change course and remember who we once were, and can be again.”  

In a country of sheep, a few strong and proud warriors continue to stand tall, defying the odds and holding onto the ideals that we, as a country, once held dear. They are driven by tenacity, determination and drive, refusing to give in to pressures to conform. These are the wolves that among sheep, the true leaders of the pack among a sea of followers.

Source: Gospel Crusader


Are you a wolf? Watch for these 13 signs:

They always get what they deserve.

A wolf understands that they have to fight through life’s struggles and challenges in order to get what they deserve in this life, and that doesn’t scare them. The combination of their work ethic, perseverance and passions will always lead them down the right road.

They are incredibly loyal.

A wolf prefers quality over quantity when it comes to the people that they welcome into their lives. They are incredibly selective, but if they do allow someone into their inner circle they are incredibly loyal and protective. It is a natural instinct to stand by those that they care about.

They are unrelenting.

When a wolf sets their mind on something there is nothing that can hold them back. They are able to put on the blinders, focusing solely on the task at hand. When a wolf has set their eyes on their prey they WILL eventually get it, first enjoying the hunt.

They show no mercy.

If someone earns kindness and compassion, they will care for them in every way possible, however, if someone has not proven their worth or earned this right they can turn deadly. They believe that there is a ‘natural order’ in the world and that natural order leaves some people falling under the prey category.

They have courage in even the most difficult situations.

A wolf isn’t going to run away from a challenge, or hide from responsibility. They have a sense of courage and power that allows them to stand with their head held high, openly staring fear in the eye. Not only do they stand up for themselves and their morals and beliefs, but they also stand tall for those that need a voice.

They are a natural born leader.

While some people have to work to develop their leadership abilities it comes naturally to a wolf. They don’t even have to make an effort – everywhere that they go they find themselves taking on a leadership role. It just ‘feels’ right.

They view life in a unique way.

Despite being surrounded by sheep, they are not a sheep and as such, they don’t view the world through the eyes of a sheep. They have a unique, fresh way of looking at life, providing with new, innovative solutions to life’s problems.

They are a lover of the night.

A wolf is the ultimate night owl, feeling as though they fully come alive when the sun goes down. This is the time of day when they feel the most comfortable, drawing energy and inspiration from the moon and the stars. They are drawn to the mystery of the night.

They are very proud.

A wolf knows that they are the leader of the pack and they take deep pride in their sense of power. They recognize when they meet someone that is inferior, refusing to bend to their will. While they are incredibly adaptive they need to be careful to not come across as feeling too superior to those around them.

They are wild at heart.

While many people will go through life with the focus to settle into their comfort zone, a wolf can’t deny that they are inherently wild at heart. Rather than trying to play by the rules of those around them, they remain true to themselves and their true nature. They know what they desire, and they aren’t afraid to go for it.

They are a true loner.

A wolf is not interested in big crowds or social situations. The true definition of a ‘loner,’ they long to be somewhere where they don’t have to associate with anyone else unless they so choose. There are times that they long so much for solitude that they need time away from those that they love. It isn’t that they don’t for them, they just need that ‘me’ time.

They are incredibly fierce.

If someone threatens a wolf or anyone that they hold dear, they are quick to exhibit a level of fierceness that most can’t even imagine. If they are backed into a corner they will fight back, taking out an opponent with ease.

They are free spirits.

A wolf is a free, unhindered spirit that refuses to be caged. When the world is trying to tie them down they will always break free, eager to live life on their own terms. They are often referred to as rebels, but that is merely their free spirit trying to fight back against the conformity of society.

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