Aerial Video of the Mysterious, Lost City In the Middle of the Pacific

By November 8, 2017 History, Other, Video

Technology is now allowing us to explore places we could never reach otherwise. This amazing ‘floating’ city is something you need to catch a glimpse of!

Nan Madol is an ancient city that archaeologists have been unable to explore for quite some time. That being said, now scholars have access to the site in ways we wouldn’t imagine. This city is floating on a coral reef in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of an island known as Pohnpei. For those who do not know that is the capital of Micronesia.

If you keep up with the show on Science Channel known as “What on Earth?” , then you know a good bit about this marvelous hidden city. In a more recent episode, viewers were given a look at satellite images showing the site from above. Why someone would build a city so far from everything and everyone else is a mystery we may not be able to solve for some time, but it is nice to get a look at this city, finally, after so long.

The tallest building in Nan Madol is a temple known as Nandauwas that is surrounded by walls of about 25 feet high. Residents of Pohnpei are unsure as to how the city was built but they seem to think magic had something to do with it. That being said, scientists believe something a little simpler. They think boulders may have been shipped from the other side of the island using rafts levered into position with palm tree trunks or something of the sort.

This city is also nicknamed the “Venice of Micronesia” because it is linked with a network of canals. Ground level is said to be even more amazing than what you will see in the aerial imagery but personally, I believe it is all captivating. Would you visit this city if you could? I know I would!

While we do not know much about the ancient race that once inhabited this city, in time we may. I am very excited to learn more about this amazing floating city and wonder what secrets it holds. It is awe-inspiring, to say the least.

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