8 Symptoms You’re Undergoing A Major Transformation

By November 11, 2017 Spirituality

Although it never seems like it, we change so rapidly. You might not realize it at the moment, but just look back one year – I bet you’ve changed tremendously

Humans evolve and transform rapidly, and although you don’t notice it at the moment, we can change into a completely different person in just a year’s time. Thankfully, these days people are changing on an even more rapid scale. We are undergoing major shifts in consciousness all around the globe, and we are essentially transforming into a much better society of people. However, as we grow, we might go through some rather embarrassing phases, I know I did!

Aside from the embarrassing goth phase, we change in a lot of amazing ways too. As we get older we are able to focus our attention on the traits we need to fix. Through trial and error, we all become better people in time. Not that you were a bad person, but you are definitely mastering the aspects of life that used to give you some trouble.

You might not feel like you are changing, but you certainly are. If you think you might be undergoing a major transformation, you’ll definitely display these signs! Embrace the new and explore your newfound consciousness!

1. Something Makes You Feel Stuck In Life

You’re not entirely sure of what it is, but something about your current reality is causing you to become discontent. You want to make a major change, but you might not be sure where to start. Regardless, something just makes you feel stuck in life.

2. You’re Embracing the Struggles

By this point, you are already coming to terms with the fact that life is always going to throw you curve-balls. You can’t avoid the conflicts of life, and now you are learning that the lesson that comes alongside the struggles is what’s truly important.

3. You’re Having A Difficult Time Getting Your Work Done

Because you are so preoccupied in assessing the things you want to fix in life, and finding new things to experience, you might be having a hard time taking care of your responsibilities. You might be forgetting about doctors appointments, an assignment, or just plain old dreading work.

4. Your Sleep Is Disrupted

During the major shift of your consciousness, you might also experience sleep disruptions. You could either be sleeping all the time and never feel rested, or not sleeping at all no matter how hard you try.

5. You Experience Synchronicities

Synchronicities are coincidences on a cosmic level. You keep experiencing the wildest of a phenomenon in your daily life. It’s almost like you are on a synchronized track, and things are happening the perfect way they should be.

6. You’re In Touch Emotionally

For whatever reason, you have suddenly become very intact with your emotions. You’re getting more comfortable talking about your feelings and you’re not bottling things up anymore. It’s like you have a completely newfound sense of emotion.

7. You Feel At Peace

No matter what is going on around you, you feel an inner peace deep within yourself. It’s a comforting and warm feeling like everything is going to be okay. This is a prime example of intuition.

8. You’re Experiencing Deja Vu

You might be experiencing deja vu through your everyday life. It seems like you keep having it and it’s truly like you’ve lived through this before. Another sign of intuition, this can be a major indicator that you are on the right path.

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