7 Traits Men Find Irresistible In Women That Have Nothing to Do With Looks

By January 5, 2018 Other

We all look for different things when it comes to who we want as a partner but for the most part, we have a lot in common as well. While your appearance matters, it is not the only thing that will get a man to like you.

Any real man knows there is more to a woman than what meets the eye. The following things are what make a woman irresistible. You can be the most jaw-dropping lady around, however, if you have a smelly attitude, he isn’t going to give you the time of day.

7 Things Most Men Find Irresistible About Women That Have Nothing to Do With Their Appearance:

1. Your Attitude

Your attitude is a reflection of who you are on the inside. If you have a bad attitude, you will be repelling men like crazy. You can be strong and still remain playful when you need to.

2. Your Sense of Humor

Most men love a girl who can make them laugh. They want someone who will smirk and giggle at their stupid jokes. Humor is important in most relationships.

3. Your Brain

A lot of men like smart women. If you are able to challenge him mentally, chances are, he won’t be able to keep his hands off of you. Sure, people who are lacking in this area still get love but it is just different, to say the least.

4. Your Confidence

The way you carry yourself matters. A woman who walks with purpose is far more desired than one who does not. Know your worth and so will everyone else.

5. Your Gaze

While this could be considered ‘look’ related I don’t classify it as so. The eyes are windows to the soul, as I am sure you have heard that a time or two. Some of us have much sexier and more vulnerable looking souls.

6. Your Flaws and Quirks

The way you stumble when you walk or even the fact that you play with your fingers a bit too much when you are nervous. All of your quirks make you who you are and make you irresistible. You are more desirable than you think.

7. Your Voice

The way we sound is also important. People are often drawn in by voice before anything else. Some people like softer tones where-as others do not. It all depends on the person.


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