5 Things You Should Be Doing To Cleanse Your Sexual Aura

By December 5, 2017 Health

Understanding the true capabilities and metaphysical properties of humans is ultimately limitless and impossible. We are energetic beings who need to take certain measures to protect and cleanse our energetic frequencies! It’s crucial to your overall quality of life.

There are so many different energetic aspects of the human soul, mind, and body that it is essentially unfathomable to our minds. There’s no truly knowing it all and understanding our true purpose, but there are massive benefits that come along with trying. By acknowledging your energetic and metaphysical counterparts you can take full control of your reality and nourish your soul! This is where true happiness, contentedness, and fulfillment come into play. You must take care of your energy and your overall aura! If you let your aura slip into a negative realm you can lose your sense of self, making you depressed, anxious, and constantly fatigued. But don’t worry, taking care of your aura isn’t hard. It just requires a little cleansing every now and then.

The human aura is a field of luminous radiation that surrounds us and extends beyond our physical forms. They are very closely related to and affected by electromagnetic fields and they serve as a visual measure of our mental and physical states. Simply being in the presence of a negative person can affect our aura. Negativity can act like a virus, infesting your soul and perception anyway it can – and it will. There are quite a few different activities we engage in that can heavily affect our aura. We even have a sexual aura that is deeply influenced by the ones we share our hearts with and engage in sexual connections with other energetic beings.

Being sexually active with any person can seriously take a toll on our sexual aura, good or bad. Being with a positive person can cause us to share positive energy and promote good health of our sexual aura. But the opposite is also true; negative people can demote happiness and positivity. When we have sex with other people, we additionally share energy with the people they have slept with before. This can cause a rapid influx of confusing emotions, feelings, and energy both good and bad. It’s chaotic sexual energy and it’s important to cleanse yourself of it!

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If you think you might need to cleanse your sexual aura of all of the energetic influences from the past, you’re probably correct! Don’t worry, it’s very easy and liberating to do so. Here’s how!

1. Stray From Negative Individuals

Having sex is much more relevant than just the physical properties of disease and reproduction. It’s urgent to your health and peace of mind that you stay away from negative individuals and especially not having sex with them. Do not engage in any sexual nature with a negative person because they leave bold traces of their negativity on you that can be extremely difficult to surface and eliminate. You can avoid this firsthand by staying away from negative people.

2. Meditate

Meditation has massive amounts of benefits, all physically, mentally, and spiritually. By meditating on your sexual aura you can cleanse it of the negative properties your partners have left behind. It allows your true positive nature to resurface and alleviate the lingering negativity from the exes we prefer not to talk about! Close your eyes, focus on your breathing and visualize your sexual aura being stripped of the negativity. It’s liberating and very helpful!

3. Be One With Emotions

A lot of the time our sexual aura can manifest negatively as the horrific emotions, open wounds, and scars left behind by past loved ones. By being one with your emotions and letting yourself feel the way you do you can kick the negative thoughts and overcome the emotions brought about by the ones who’ve taken advantage of us sexually and emotionally.

4. Heal And Move On

You must heal yourself to completely rid yourself of the negative impacts of your past lovers or sexual partners. You must come to terms with the relevant even if it isn’t pleasant. Face your emotions and feelings head on and overcome them. This is dethreading yourself of the marionettes constructed by abusive past lovers.

5. Cut Etherical Cords


You must cut the etheric cords of attachment to other individuals so that your self-appreciation and perception can rise up without the outside influence of people who never deserved you. You must cut the cord of energetic attachment to another person. You will no longer rely on these people for self-appreciation, contentedness, or love. Call out to your spiritual guide and guardian angels to help you cut the energetic cord of attachment, ridding their energy from our aural field forever! Finally set yourself free!

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