5 Science Backed Superpowers That All Women Have

By December 4, 2017 Spirituality

Women are very powerful individuals and without them, all men would be lost. Many people might think that women are the weaker of the two genders, but you’d be entirely wrong. Any female is capable of things unimaginable by any man – and that’s science speaking.

Women are not only the maternal force heard around the world, but they are the nurturers, peace-makers, and warriors that made us into who we are today. Women Are capable of many things a man is not, and some scientists even refer to these as superpowers. The maternal and feminine energetic frequencies of women are immensely powerful. If you think that because women are more sensitive, emotionally in tune, and smaller that it makes them weaker, you are in for a rude awakening! Women are not weak – they’re fearsome, strong, and gifted with intuitive abilities.

Many different science reviews and studies have discovered, or rather proven, that women are capable of many things a man just isn’t! Here are a few of them below!

1. Women Can identify Unfaithful Men

In one study led conducted by Australian University found that women can identify a cheater just by looking at him. The study had women look at photos of different men and identify whether they were cheaters or faithful. The participants had a success rate of 62%…

2. Women See More Color

Another study found that men might see moving objects quicker than women, but women actually notice more subtle colors and vibrations. Many people hypothesize that this comes from the primal days when men were out hunting and the women were trying to identify ripe vegetation.

3. Obstetrical Orgasms

Some women can even experience orgasms during the painful procedure of delivering a baby. In a report of over 200,000 women, only 668 women reported having orgasms while giving birth.

4. Stronger Immune Systems

Women have even been shown to have a stronger immune system than men. Due to biological differences between the two genders, women tend to have more microRNA which fights disease and viral infections.

5. Their Stress Creates Empathy

Many people even think that a woman can perform better under stressful circumstances. We all know that moms can juggle a multitude of tasks and objectives, but who knew that women actually create empathy from their stress.In a study published in 2014, women reach out to people when they are under stress while men tend to shut people out. Even during the most stressful situations, a woman is able to flourish, while others succumb to the burdens.

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