4 Symptoms You Might Be Experiencing Due to the Recent Eclipse & Full Moon

By September 16, 2017 Spirituality

Mostly everyone is aware that we recently had a solar eclipse, and we also recently had a full moon in Pisces! There are several astrological events happening this year that will have an extreme impact on us!

The stars and the universe, in general, are entirely a mystery to us. We think we have a good basis of knowledge on space, but we are truly just beginning to scratch the surface – and it’s amazing to me. The stars have a heavy influence on us as humans. We are extremely metaphysical and energetic creatures, and we are extremely susceptible to energy. The universe interacts with us on a daily basis, and we don’t pay it any attention.

Our lunar neighbor, the moon, has a heavy grasp on many different aspects of our lives. It controls the ocean tides, the seasons, you name it. It even controls us in many ways! It has a heavy effect on our awareness, and the recent solar events might have caused a huge shift for you. Have things been a bit different since the solar eclipse and the full moon we had on September 6th? Many people are experiencing major shifts since all of the solar activity, and you might be one of them. 

4 Symptoms You May Be Experiencing Since the Recent Solar Eclipse and Full Moon: 

Feeling Positive Vibrations

Positive vibrations can be identified as many different things. You know when something really good happens to you and your stomach feels up with warm energy? It’s like you feel up with a warm and fuzzy feeling. This is just one example of positive vibrations. Many people are experiencing this since the eclipse because of the global shift of consciousness that is occurring.

Feeling A Bit Ill

Since the eclipse it is totally normal to feel just a bit sick. Many people suffer from headaches and fever since the eclipse because of the influx of energy. Many people even suffer from flu like symptoms.


You might even be experiencing very weird or vivid dream. Many people have even began sleepwalking when they have never complained of doing it before. It is very common for people to have weird dreams from the massive amounts of metaphysical energy.

Increased Awareness of Multi Dimensions

After the eclipse you might have an extremely raised awareness. Those who are seeking a higher consciousness in the modern day time might’ve completely succeeded during the eclipse. People’s awareness of spiritual entities, multi dimensions, and spirit guides are suddenly increased.


Like I said before, the stars have a heavy influence on what’s going on in our heads and with our consciousness in general. Before the full moon, we were in a period of strengthening. Many people have all had a difficult time lately, and it’s no coincidence. We have all been pushed almost beyond our limits, essentially to the breaking point.

However, after the full moon, there was a shift in energy. We have entered Pisces, and it is a time to reflect on yourself and build a better relationship with the real you. Your truer sense of self-has been heightened and you almost feel relieved from all of the emotional trauma you have been going through.

A Transition

There has been a growing shift of consciousness in the world recently. Many people are seeking alternative treatments like acupuncture or acupressure. Many people are practicing mindfulness, yoga, and other holistic, life altering practices of a growing awareness. Especially since the full moon, many people are becoming aware of the true interconnectedness of all things and the universe. You also might be experiencing a shift in your consciousness since the full moon.


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