15 Old-Fashioned Dating Habits That Need to Make A Comeback

By December 5, 2017 History, Science

The world today has changed significantly from the atmosphere of the 1960’s and 1970’s, a time when men would go out of their way to show their respect and care for the women around them through chivalrous actions such as holding the door, pulling out her chair or offering their coat if the evening got cold. These men took pride in their reputation, focusing on coming across as a true gentleman regardless of what situation they may find themselves in.

Today many men find themselves intimidated by the emerging strength and independence among the female population. Today’s women know what they want, and they are willing to stand strong and fight for it, even if it means waiting longer than anticipated for their ‘happily ever after.’ Driven by Hollywood’s tales of romance, many women long for that perfect partner to whisk them off their feet, carrying them away to a bright and joyful future together.


Are you interested in being her prince charming? Try these 15 old-fashioned dating tips that still work today:

#1 – Begin by asking her out on a date.

Don’t just hint, or beat around the bush – actually look her in the eyes and ask her out on a date. Doing so will ensure that you are all on the same page. This will alleviate the confusion of ‘not knowing’ where you stand, making it clear that you are interested in pursuing something serious.

#2 – Don’t ‘expect’ sex at any stage in a relationship.

It doesn’t matter how long you have known one another, or what stage you are at in your relationship. At no time are you entitled to have access to her body unless she chooses to share it with you. Don’t push the fact, and it will be worth it when that time comes.

#3 – Put away your phone.

Our cell phones have become such an integral part of our lives today that many of us struggle to put them down for more than a few seconds at a time. Don’t allow this distraction to destroy your connection. Instead, actively remember to focus on her.

#4 – Don’t overuse the phrase ‘I Love You.’

While telling a woman that you love her can be an incredibly meaningful and heartfelt gesture, be cautious how quickly you hand that out. Don’t throw these words around or they will lose all meaning. Be sure that you mean it when you say it.

#5 – Bring her a small heartfelt gift.

It’s not about how much money you are spending. Instead, this is honestly one of those situations where you can say that it is the thought that counts. Looking to really surprise her? Choose something that has some sort of personal meaning for the two of you.

#6 – Pay attention to the things that make her happy.

The key to really impressing a woman is to pay attention to the little things that make her happy, such as her favorite hobby, her favorite band or her favorite food. Remember these things, and use them to bring a smile to her face when possible.

#7 – Open the door for her.

Whether it is the door to her house after you pick her up, the car door as you approach your vehicle or the door to the restaurant as you reach your destination, make a point of holding the door for her. This shows a great deal of respect.

#8 – Punctuality is key.

There are few things in the world of dating that are more disrespectful than leaving your partner waiting for you to arrive. A proper gentleman knows to show up just a few minutes earlier in order to show that they respect her time.

#9 – Pay attention to your appearance.

Your appearance says a lot about who you are as a person. Pay attention to your personal hygiene, cleanliness, and the way you dress. These different points all add up to ensure that you have a presentable image.

#10 – Buy her dinner occasionally.

Unlike in days gone by, today we often split the bill when we go out. This isn’t saying you have to always pick up the tab, or that it should be expected that you do, but it’s a nice gesture to occasionally treat her from time to time.

#11 – Remember that honesty is the best policy.

Right from the beginning set a standard of honesty in your relationship. Start by being clear about your intentions. Are you looking for something long-term, or just looking for some fun right now? Lying and deceiving one another will only blow up in your face long term.

#12 – Offer your coat if the air gets cold.

If you are walking her home and you notice that the cool night air has set it, offer her your coat. It shows that you are thinking about her and will take the steps necessary to take care of her when you are able to.

#13 – Take her dancing.

This doesn’t mean taking her to some rave club full of sweaty people, but rather seek out somewhere where you can actually enjoy dancing together like old times. There is a special connection that comes with that type of dance.

#14 – Make an effort with her friends and family.

When someone is bringing you into their life, it is important to see that you are going to mix well with the people that they hold dear. Make a point of getting to know her friends and family, and show them respect just as you respect her.

#15 – Take her somewhere special and romantic.

When you are taking her out on a date try not to become too trapped in your routine. Don’t always take her to the same coffee shop without putting some thought into your date. Instead, make reservations at a beautiful new restaurant, or plan a romantic walk along the beach.

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