15 Amazing Facts About Psychology That You Need to Know

By December 11, 2017 Science

Psychology is an amazing subject and it is perhaps the only true concrete answers we have to the massively confusing minds we possess. It’s the key to understanding not only the conscious mind but the subconscious too.

Psychology is such an intriguing topic because it gives us answers to the not so concrete feelings we experience when we are all wrapped up in our minds! In all honesty, everyone should know these amazing fifteen facts about psychology!

1. The placebo effect

The placebo effect has actually shown to be more effective and offers more relief than actual medicine. It happens when the consciousness truly believes they’re getting better because of treatment, but the treatment actually has no external effect on it whatsoever.

2. Deja Vu

Deja vu is a consciousness phenomenon in which one believes they are living in a moment for the second time. They truly feel as if they have experienced the present moment before. Interestingly, almost every person who experiences this does so about a conversation or a dream.

3. Calorie Charts

Calorie charts placed at the beginning of a restaurant buffet actually make people choose less healthy foods, according to a study.

4. Twins

Most identical twins are actually not identical. Our brains just perceive them that way.

5. Video Games

People who play video games regularly are much more likely to lucid dream than people who don’t. They are also better at changing and morphing their dream realities. This is thought to be because of a gamer’s ability to get lost in other worlds.

6. Stay Away From the Word “You” While Arguing

The word you can actually stimulate a person’s brain to feel accused. During a heated argument the word ‘you’ is heavily accusatory and can likely make things even more heated. So next time you’re having a heated argument try to avoid using that word and see if it helps things work out better.

7. Music Changes Perspective

Music can actually have such a heavy influence on you it can change your overall perspective on something. This is why listening to music during stressful situations can sometimes offer relief and insight. By calming us down it can change the way we are thinking!

8. Decisions Are More Rational When Thought Of In Another Language

One study actually found that we think more rationally in another language. This was discovered by the University of Chicago during a study on Korean people who thought in foreign languages.

9. Young Friendships

Studies show that friendships formed between the age of 16 and 28 are more likely to last a long time and are robust and lively.

10. Guilt

People who experience larger amounts of guilt are more likely to be empathetic and understand the way other people feel than people who don’t feel guilty for their actions.

11. Men Humor

Many people may think men are funnier than women, but this is only because men are more likely to make jokes because they don’t care about whether people like their humor or not.

12. Shy People

Shy people say less about themselves which actually makes other people feel like they know them very well when they do tell them something.

13. High-Frequency Music

Listening to high-frequency music can actually make you feel much calmer, relaxed, and even happy! Humans are very susceptible to frequencies because of their high awareness. Frequency healing is a very popular holistic healing method.

14. Decision Making

Most of our decision making actually occurs subconsciously, while you might think you’re conscious of the decision, you actually already knew it. The conscious self just broadcasts it.

15. Memories Reconstruct Themselves

Over time our memory is taken up by new things, experiences, and emotions. However, we don’t forget old memories because every time we think of them we are actually reconstructing them subconsciously!

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