13 Terrifying Things We Should All Know About Sleep Paralysis

By December 25, 2017 Health, Video

Sleep paralysis is something that is more common than most think. It is a sleep disorder that unlike some can be quite terrifying.

For those who do not know sleep paralysis is the temporary inability to move or speak while falling asleep or upon waking up. While for the most part, these episodes are usually just a few seconds or minutes they can be extremely frightening. Some people who experience sleep paralysis also have something known as narcolepsy but not all do.

The term sleep paralysis can be used to describe a lot of different experiences people have. That being said the core signs or symptoms are generally the same. Below you will find a list of things we all need to know in regards to sleep paralysis.

13 Things We Should All Know About Sleep Paralysis:

1. It is not a ‘disease.’

Sleep paralysis is not something that you can catch or contract. It is a natural occurrence and can happen to anyone. Most have experienced this before are not even aware of it now. Depending on who you are your experience with sleep paralysis might be mild or intense.

2. Sleep paralysis can induce hallucinations.

When going through sleep paralysis your mind can and will sometimes induce hallucinations. This makes things a lot scarier, because something is happening around you and you cannot even move.

3. Sleep paralysis happens when your body struggles to make the transition from or into REM sleep.

REM sleep or rapid eye movement sleep is something our body has to go into when we go to sleep and come out of when we wake up. If our body is having trouble doing so we can end up with sleep paralysis. This can be broken down into two different kinds of sleep paralysis depending on when yours occurs.

4. There is no real danger surrounding it.

While it is terrifying you are not really in danger. It is not something that causes harm to the body in any way. This might be important to remember during these spells.

5. Some people with this experience sensed presence.

This is essentially when you are unable to move or speak but you feel as if someone or something in is the room with you. You are sensing something that is just out of your sight. This could even be merely sensing a darkness or full on feeling like there is a clown hovering over you.

6. People are awake during sleep paralysis.

While a lot of people confuse this will being asleep but aware I can assure you those dealing with sleep paralysis are awake. They are no longer in a dream and are moving towards consciousness. The only difference is they cannot move their bodies.

7. They really cannot move.

People dealing with sleep paralysis really are unable do move during these spells. I know it may seem odd or even unreal to think about things like this but this is a reality for many people. Inability to move is often the first thing these people notice.

8. Some people experience chest pressure.

The sense of physical weight being pressed to the chest is almost unbearable. Some people experience this every time they wake up. It is as if someone has placed a block on their chest and is slowly crushing them. They are being smothered underneath.

9. Most sleep paralysis attacks occur while laying on the back.

It seems more often than not the person going through an attack is sleeping on his or her back. Studies have shown we do not tend to fall asleep in this position but may toss and turn in our sleep. Could you imagine waking up and being unable to move only to see nothing but the ceiling?

10. Sleep paralysis is most likely to occur during adolescence.

That being said, it can happen to anyone. Whether you are old or young you can experience this. It is important to be aware of it long before you experience it.

11. For some, it can be prevented.

While not everyone is going to be able to completely prevent this some can. If your sleep paralysis comes from a specific trigger getting rid of the trigger is essential. I know, easier said than done.

12. Stress, sleep deprivation, and panic disorders can cause/trigger sleep paralysis.

You really need to be sure to take care of yourself. Get the right amount of sleep and distress as much as possible. Cutting corners is not doing you any favors and could do more harm than you think.

13. People have been experiencing sleep paralysis for centuries.

We have been dealing with this for longer than you can imagine. If you notice this happening a lot seeing a doctor and talking things over may benefit you greatly. There are ways to help work through this.

For more information please check out the video below. Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis and what was it like for you? I for one am glad I have not yet.

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