11 Signs of Genuine Intelligence That Can’t Be Faked

By November 9, 2017 Science

Regardless of how we choose to define it, there are going to be some people who, irrefutably, are more intelligent than their peers. This difference in intelligence has led many scientists to devote their lives to better understanding the cause of high versus low IQs, and how much of a role genetics plays in determining your IQ level.

The scientific community first started measuring mental ability in the late 19th century through evaluating one’s fame, honors, awards, etc. In time, it was determined that they needed to seek a more accurate form of predicting one’s academic abilities and two psychologists, Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon, invented the Binet-Simon Test. The purpose of this test was to provide educators with a tool to measure the academic abilities of the children that they taught in order to accurately determine which children were showing signs of a learning problem as opposed to poor previous education or a behavioral issue.

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This was later expanded upon by an American psychologist at Stanford University, adapting the testing for adults. The revised version was named the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale, better known as the IQ test.

For those that are interested in discovering if their intelligence rates them smarter than average, you may not have to complete a formal test. There are a number of different signs that we can watch for, revealing those who are genuinely gifted in academics.

Here are 11 signs that prove that you are smarter than the average American:

1. You are naturally curious.

Most people who are academically gifted are also eager to learn. If you go through life generally curious about everything and everyone that you encounter, this may reveal that you are eager for new experiences and additional knowledge.

2. You have blue eyes.

This may sound like a crazy notion – but your eye color may be a sign of your level of intelligence. A number of studies have been conducted concluding that blue-eyed people are naturally smarter than their darker eyed counterparts.

3. You are a night owl.

Experts have hypothesized that being a night owl is actually an evolutionary advancement of those who are considered to be ‘more intelligent,’ while those who score lower on IQ testing restrict their activities to during the day.

4. They don’t underestimate or overestimate themselves.

One of the biggest signs of intelligence is the ability to know what you don’t know. That means admitting that you are not always the most knowledgeable on every subject. People with high intelligence aren’t afraid to ask for assistance when needed.

5. You have taken, or are currently taking, music lessons.

There is reported to be a growing body of evidence that supports the idea that musicians’ brains are structurally and functionally different compared to that of non-musicians. This helps to improve your memory as well as boost your IQ.

6. You come from an intelligent family.

Throughout the years of studying intelligence the idea that there is a genetic component has always remained. This is due to the fact that genes have an influence over how our brains ultimately develop.

7. You are sarcastic.

Studies show that those who effectively use sarcasm in their day to day lives are actually smarter and more intelligent. This is partially due to the fact that the act of using sarcasm has been found to have a cognitive benefit.

8. You express a high degree of empathy.

Those who demonstrate a high level of intelligence also rate higher in emotional intelligence. This means that they are more in tune with their own feelings and the feelings of others around them.

9. You are the oldest child.

A 2007 study revealed that the oldest child is more likely to have a higher IQ, not due to a genetic reason but rather due to the way that parents raise their children and the subtle nuances that differentiate the way they treat their first born versus their subsequent children.

10. You use recreational drugs.

This one may be surprising, but studies have found that more intelligent children grow up to be adults who consume psychoactive drugs such as ecstasy and LSD, while less intelligent children are less likely to do so.

11. You don’t waste your time with unnecessary conversations.

Highly intelligent people are often quickly bored in conversations with those that don’t challenge them on an intellectual level. This means that they are uninterested in meaningless conversations, choosing to reserve their attention for those that they deem worthy.


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