11 Phenomenons That Science Cannot Explain!

By November 4, 2017 Environment, Science

Science is more advanced than it ever has been today. While researchers continue to bust mysterious cases wide open, science has yet to prove these most mind boggling mysteries.

Life is one weird thing, there’s no denying that. I mean there are just 7 billion people on a mysterious floating rock in space, amongst millions of other life species in an interstellar neighborhood that is forever and infinitely expanding. Honestly, as much as we figure out we are still not even a fraction of being close to knowing everything. The biggest mystery of all is our entire existence, and as much as like to think we know where we came from, we truly don’t. Honestly, our human minds probably can’t even fathom it! Nonetheless, life is an amazingly mysterious thing and we have to appreciate each and every day we are here.

Science is extremely advanced these days and we have gotten to the bottom of so many different things we never thought we would be able to. However, that doesn’t mean we have figured out everything. In fact, science has yet to understand these mysterious 11 things!

1. Plant Energy

Plant leaves are actually able to harness ore of the sun’s energy than scientists can explain. Scientists and researchers actually believe that they use quantum physics to obtain and harness so much energy.

2. The Sun’s Corona

You might think of the hottest part of the sun would be the surface, but you’d be wrong. The sun’s corona is actually several million degrees hotter than the actual surface of the sun. Scientists have yet to understand how.

3. Black Holes

Black holes are one of the coolest and most intriguing aspects of space, and scientists have yet to understand what they even look like. They are formed when a giant star collapses, imploding the tiny area of intense gravity that absorbs everything around it – including light.

4. Magnetic Compass in Cows

In an experiment performed by scientists scanning the images of cows grazing using google earth, they discovered that 70% of cows turned their heads towards the north or south while grazing – regardless of where the cow is located.

5. Star KIC 8462852

Star KIC 8462852 is one of the biggest mysteries ever to come. Gaining recent attention by the media, he star has scientists and researchers baffled by its patterns of light traveling from over 1,500 light years away!

6. Dark Matter

Dark matter is one of the most confusing substances in the universe. Dark matter makes up approximately 27% of the universe we know today. We have no idea what it is or what it does, but it emits no electromagnetic radiation – making it impossible to detect.

7. The Great Attractor

The great attractor is a cluster of gravitational anomaly. It’s brightness is due to the cluster’s gravitational attraction. While some people believe that dark matter might be the cause of this, others believe it to be our own Milky Way galaxy is blocking the light of whatever it is that’s pulling it at 1.4 million miles per hour.

8. Rhesus Negative Blood

“If mankind evolved from the same African ancestor then everyone’s blood would be compatible, but it is not. Rhesus negative blood type appears suddenly 35.000 years ago in Cro-magnon. Where did the Rh negatives come from? Why does the body of an Rh negative mother carrying an Rh positive child try to reject her own offspring? Humanity isn’t one race, by a hybrid species.” – Robert Sepehr Species with Amnesia: Our Forgotten History

9. What Our Dreams Are Made Of

Scientists are still unable to identify what dreams are made of, and no it isn’t teenage spirit or hope. One study caused scientists to believe that dreams have a connection with the human psych.

10. Space Roar

While space is airless, oxygenless, and soundless, well, you’d think you wouldn’t hear anything. Although, back in 2006 scientists heard a roar like sound coming from the stars. They were never able to discover what was making the noise.

11. Eil Malk Lake Jellyfish

In the year 1998, all of the jellyfish in lake Eil Malk died, only to return two years later in the year 2000. Scientists have never been able to find out what made them die and how they were able to get back there.

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