11 Magnificent Facts About Your Brain That Prove It is Truly Capable of Anything

By December 2, 2017 Other, Science

Our brains do some pretty fantastic things. Sure, for the most part, we don’t even notice they are doing these things but they are.

If you use your brain properly it can and will help you live your life to the fullest extent. We can achieve anything we want in life if we truly believe in ourselves. I feel like when it comes to day to day life we do not appreciate our brains and their functioning to the extent that we should.

11 Magnificent Things About Your Brain That Prove It is Truly Capable of Anything:

1. A thought is a physical pathway in the brain.

The more you have a thought the more you travel down that pathway. If this continues it makes the thought easier to have as time goes by. This can also weaken pathways that are used less often.

2. The brain cannot tell fact from fantasy.

Our brains cannot tell the difference between reality and imagination. When we are dreaming it feels just as real as it would in real life. This is why we can see the world how we want to if we truly believe something.

3. Our brains work automatically.

Our brain works all by itself. Even when we are unconscious it works to keep us alive. Have you ever stopped to thank your brain for being so awesome?

4. Our brain never stops.

Our brain is always working. Without it, we would cease to exist. Even when we are fast asleep our brain is still keeping us going.

5. We see what we are thinking about.

This is something you know to be true now that you are realizing it. You can think of someone and suddenly see their face in your mind. This is true for most things.

6. Our brain is insensitive to pain.

I could cut your skull open and poke around in your brain and you wouldn’t feel a thing (besides the cutting open part). While our body is important for when it comes to reacting to pain it does not actually feel pain. That being said, of course, the nerves and tissue around the brain do.

7. Forgetting things is not a bad thing.

Our brain only remembers things it deems important. This meaning if you forget where your keys are it is because your brain wanted to make room for more important information. No, you aren’t less smart you are actually making room for new knowledge.

8. The slowest speed information passes through your brain is approximately 260 mph.

Yes, our brains are extremely fast. They operate much quicker than we realize. Our brains are so much more intense than most people realize.

9. We can change our brain.

Our brains are actually constantly changing. This is a process known as neuroplasticity. Any kind of brain activity is generating new connections within the brain.

10. You have something in your brain called mirror neurons.

These mirror neurons were not known to exist before the early 90s but are pretty interesting. Because of these when we see someone stub their toe our brain lights up the same pain area thus making us flinch. Have you ever noticed how you react to things that happen to others in your presence?

11. Your brain does not record memories like videos.

Our brains actually take snapshots of the important bits of memories and then when you recall the events it guesses what happened. This is why sometimes we are wrong about what really happened. It is just our brain guessing wrong.

(Image Via: Wired)

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