10 Things Only Loners Will Understand

By September 11, 2017 Psychology

While most people associate the word ‘loner’ with something negative it doesn’t always have to be that way. I think of myself as a loner but in a more positive manner.

You see, there is nothing wrong with preferring your own company over a group of others. Loners are great people who do what they want with their lives. Below you will find a list of things that only loners will understand. Are you a loner?

10 Things Only Loners Will Understand:

1. Observing EVERYTHING

You literally don’t let anything get by you. Loners people watch sometimes and in this, they can better understand those around them. How often do you stop to people watch?

2. Not wanting anything to do with gossip

Unlike the rest of the world, you really want nothing to do with gossip. You are not bothered by it and you don’t care about the snide remarks others make.

3. Overthinking

Loners are most commonly overthinkers. Overthinking is actually something that can and does come in handy quite often. What do you think about when you’re overthinking?

4. Love for writing

Loners often enjoy writing. Most can actually write quite well and it seems to come to them naturally. They can and will write anything from poetry to books.

5. Mysterious

Loners are quite mysterious, people think they are up to no good just because they choose to spend time with themselves. Just because someone is a loner doesn’t mean they have some crazy untold story. Reading too far between the lines is not going to do anything.

6. Patience

Loners are so much more patient than normal people. They have learned how to address themselves and those around them through thinking and spending time on their own. They could sit and watch the stars for hours without complaining.

7. Mellow

Loners are mellow people who don’t like to be uncomfortable. They are not loud and generally tend to remain uncomfortable. This can be frustrating to the loner on occasion.

8. Adventurous

The loner loves to travel and take risks. He or she can do whatever their hearts desire and all without company. They have no one else to answer to, and the world is their playground.

9. Long walks

Loners are always taking long walks, as being in nature is healing. They love taking in their surroundings alone. Being free of distraction feels wonderful.

10. They make the most out of everything

Loners are able to find something entertaining in everything. Leave them with some paperclips and rubber bands and they will be entertained for hours. It is that easy.

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