10 Life-Changing Realizations That Will Turn Your World Upside Down

By November 27, 2017 Health, Spirituality

Have you ever experienced a thought or emotion that fundamentally changed everything you thought about life? If you have, you’ve had an epiphany! Congratulations on your progression into a total life transformation!

An epiphany is something that occurs every now and then when one is truly seeking insight on a tough subject or trying to find new meaning in their life. It is defined as a sudden realization about the nature or meaning of something. According to Business dictionary, an epiphany can often come about due to some experience that may trigger the sudden realization. Like a tough situation of enlightenment. Epiphanies are a great thing to have and they can really change the direction you feel your life is headed. Do you need an epiphany? If you do, you might want to think about these ten things…

1. We Literally Trade 40-60 Hours of Life Per Week For Paper

How many hours do you work per week? Whether you have a full-time job or a part-time job, we are always paid according to how much time we have spent doing so. 85.8% of American Males and 66.5% Woman work full-time jobs at 40 hours per week. When you zone out and think about it for a second – we are literally trading our life for paper. Money is worthless and time is precious. Which is more important to you?

2. We Judge People For Doing The Same Things We Do

We all make mistakes, it’s inevitable as a human. We lie, we cheat, we just simply cannot all disregard the temptations of our modern day life. We all mess up from time to time but we all also judge one another for doing the same things we have done in the past. How much easier would things be if we instead focused on helping others learn from their mistakes instead of judging them and leaving them to figure it out alone? We might be ten times as advanced if we just helped each other out.

3. Life Is Moments Instead of Time

Our brains do not store memory of every waking moment of each day. When we look back on our past you do not associate it with a specific date and time – you associate it with memories. The good memories, the struggles, and the lessons learned. If you’re not out there forming memories and experiences what is life even for?

4. You’re not Your Mind

You might think that the entire ‘you’ that exists is simply your mind, but it’s not. It’s everything about who you are, what you’ve done, who you’ve helped, and your overall ambitions, goals, and purposes. You’re not the little voice inside your head you hear when doing math. You’re a spiritual soul, a divine creation, and an intelligent species with emotions, feelings, and needs. Get out of your head and view the world from an outside perspective.

5. Your Overall Quality Of Life Is Determined By How You Deal With Situations, Not What Kind You’re Forced To Go Through

Everyone has to go through some pretty sucky things in life. They are unavoidable, but through the struggles is when we really begin to find ourselves. Everyone has to face them and not a single person can say what they went through is the worst – because it’s not. It’s truly about how you deal with the things you go through. If you have a negative perception and think your life is destined to be shitty the whole time, guess what – it will be. But, if you disregard the crappy things about life and enjoy the great and amazing abundance of life, you will lead a fulfilling and happy existence. Your quality of life is up to you and there is no getting around that.

6. The Future Is Imaginary

You can’t plan for the future or delete the past. All you can do is live in the present and it ultimately comes down to whether you’re enjoying it or resenting it. The future is imaginary and you’ll never experience what you envision in your head. Stop stressing and working to get something that does not exist. Live in the present and do something meaningful and you’ll achieve everything you want.

7. Emotions Make Us Biased and We Can’t Help It

Our emotions are a great part of who we are and although they cause hefty issues for us, life wouldn’t be anything without them. However, they do make us biased. We all have emotional biases and we cannot avoid them – but you can identify them and work through them. Just be open to them and never deny their existence.

8. You’re Not What People Say You Are

Each of us have different perceptions because each individual brain picks up different details than another one. No person can sum up who you are because it’s just not possible. You’re not what people say you are because they don’t even truly know you. Too many people care more about the perception of other people tahan nourishing their own perception.

9. Ethic Defines Success, Not Skill

People these days have a horrific habit of believing that only talented or skilled people can succeed. You don’t have to have some kind of special gift to persevere in life. You’re already gifted as much as any person can be – you’re a human. When it comes down to it, it’s not talent or skill that determine whether you’re going to succeed or not; it’s your willingness to keep trying. You couldn’t tie your shoe on the first try but you kept trying and eventually got it. If you would have given up the first time, you’d never be able to tie your own shoes. So if you give up right away you will never succeed in anything! Any person can achieve what they truly set their mind to.

10. It Probably Won’t Work The First Time

No matter human or animal, we all learn by trial and error. It’s rare that we will ever get something right the first time because we must make a mistake to learn how to do it better. So whatever you might be attempting it probably won’t work the first time – but don’t give up because it’s your ethic that truly defines your success or not.

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